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As the story goes…Once upon a time…………………

On opposite sides of our world, two young boys were looking up into the sparkling night sky. Little did they know, they were both wishing for the same ideal, to be part of a more imaginary existence then the reality they were actually living in. 


Members16 is the fulfillment of those dreams. After years of working in the Fashion and Visual Industry Atsushi Sakai and Artie Hach have now established their own Conceptual Fashion Company.


A Native of Osaka Japan, Atsushi, strongly influenced by the pop art culture of his home country,  departed for America at the age of 16. He established a name for himself in the aesthetically driven NYC nightlife scene of the early 90’s. His fashion conceptualizations and designs had a strong influenced on mainstream culture, appearing in major fashion publications such as Vogue and inspiring runway shows on a global scale.


In 1996 Sushi played a leading role, as himself, in the motion picture “Shampoo Horns” which documented the club kid cultural, art and social movement of NYC nightlife


Artie experienced an upbringing in the suburban countryside of Cedar Grove, NJ.  Fabricating a fantasy universe inspired by an amalgamation of the forests and streams that surrounded him and the artificial worlds of pop music, animation, science fiction and horror genres. His passion for creating an alternative existence lead to a BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology while simultaneously developing a strong inspirational foundation with NYC Nightlife.


In 2002 Artie was awarded an Emmy award from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for best Costumes for a series for his work on the hit TV show “Sex & The City”


On a magical night in 1991 the two, now teenage boys, finally met at the infamous Palladium nightclub.  Their parallel journeys into the fantastical now synergized.


Members16 aligned with Patricia Field for the launch of her new Japanese pop-culture and Harajuku street-fashion store “Hotel Venus”. Over the next 16 years they played an important role in the branding of Patricia Field Inc.   Collectively becoming the creative directors of her brand, Members16 was responsible for  merchandise management and buying, corporate collaboration design, event production, fashion forecasting and trend setting, window design, interior store design, in house collections and product design, and introducing new talent into the fashion industry while associated with House of Field.


Seeking continued growth and independence in the  creative realm, Artie Hach and Atsushi Sakai have successfully conceptualized and produced fashion runway shows, presentations, and events including set, prop and lighting design and direction. They are experienced fashion consultants, designers and stylists for a number of institutions, corporations and various top fashion designers.





That sparkling night sky continues guide the vision ofMembers16

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